Should vs Will

When talking about organization, and actually a lot of different things, I notice people struggle with the issue of should vs will.

The concept is simple. People think, I should: have this, do this, be this.  Well, I call bull#$%t.  Anything in your life that you refer to as “should” is probably not rooted in a need (or a love) for that thing.  Instead, ask yourself “Will”.  Will I: use this, be good at this, need this? Or better yet, ask “Will this make my life easier, happier, or better?”

You see examples of this every day.  There’s that person who owns a house way too big for her needs simply because she makes more money, so she SHOULD have a bigger house.  And there’s the person who can’t get rid of that crockpot because she SHOULD own one since everyone does. (I do not.)

Let’s look at it the other way.  The person who makes more money acknowledges that she don’t need more space and a bigger house BUT she will have some fabulous vacations!  The person with the crockpot acknowledges that she will never use the crockpot because leaving something on and cooking all day while she is at work is insane.  (Ahem, just my take.)

Apply this to being organized. If you know that you put everything down as soon as you come in the door and then worry about it later – PUT YOUR ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEM AT THE FRONT DOOR.  A shelving unit, letter holder, or a meticulous coat closet organizational system should be right where you need it.  Be honest with yourself. What type of person are you?

I am the type of person who keeps every receipt for at least two months, no matter how useful it is.  I know this and I have a box, with a lid, that I just toss every receipt in, and then every few months I throw some of them out.

Look around your house or your office. Is everything convenient for you? Does everything come together to make your life easier? If  not, why not? Why are your things not working for you and your lifestyle?

Except crockpots, they’re just weird.


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