To Toss or Not to Toss

If that’s your question, the short answer is yes.

It’s easier to organize less than more. Duh.

Unfortunately, the long answer as to whether you should chuck out that macrame plant holder is … long.  It’s also very individual to each person.  Consider this:

  1. Do I use it/wear it regularly?  Some people turn their hangers backward for a specific period of time and then get rid of items that haven’t been worn. While this is a proven method, it takes something I have little of – time and patience.  Something I prefer to do is to go into the closet and shop.  Seriously, go into your closet and act as if you were out shopping – would you buy your clothes now? If not, they go. For those of you who are saving things for someday – it ain’t coming.  Live for today not, someday.
  2. Can it be scanned? Don’t keep paper just to keep the paper.   If it can be scanned and stored on a flash drive or electronically like Google Drive or Dropbox, do it.
  3. Do you have more than one? I’ve lived overseas several times and had accumulated a lot of memorabilia.  At one point, I had about ten beer steins from Germany.  Now, I love Germany – and beer. But will I remember my time in Germany better by having ten steins or will two do the job?  Think about your items, do they each have a story or do they tell the same story?
  4. Does it fit? Not just clothing, but everything?  Does your stuff fit your life?
  5. Are you keeping it because of guilt?  This is a big one.  My family doesn’t understand that I don’t want things.  I still get Christmas presents or birthday presents. I get handed down things from older family members because they don’t want it anymore but they would feel guilty just throwing it out (and because they love me, of course).  Here is where you truly have to be honest with yourself and others.  Some people will tell you that the person who gave it to you won’t notice it’s gone.  Yes, they will.  Then you have to have a whole second conversation about why you couldn’t be honest in the first place.  Don’t keep anything in your life because you would feel guilty getting rid of it or you will resent it.

These are just a few things to ask yourself when deciding whether you should get rid of something.  When you do decide to rid yourself of unwanted items, DO NOT throw them away! Donate, recycle, repurpose!  Just because you don’t want it doesn’t mean someone doesn’t need it or would appreciate it.

Now, go forth and ditch those unwanted possessions!!



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