What’s it worth to you?

Imagine that you got paid to be you.  Not work you, but personal you.  For simplicity’s sake,  let’s posit that you make $20 an hour when you are at home – doing the dishes, watching TV – whatever you do when you are at home. Your time is worth $20 an hour in this scenario.

In this scenario that also means you would be paid $20/hour to: look for your keys, dig through clothes you don’t want to get to the ones you do, search through the random papers on your desk for a bank statement, or shuffle around the kitchen looking for your special coffee mug.  How much time do you spend (waste) on those activities?  An hour a month? An hour a week? What if it’s an hour a day?  Is it worth it?  That’s a lot of questions.

I would prefer to be paid $20 to drink a cup of coffee by the window looking at the sunshine and petting my cat rather than looking for the cup. You may think to yourself that it’s not that bad, but if you quantify it in money, how bad is it really?  Do you throw out $20 a day? We both know that you are not going to take a twenty dollar bill out of your wallet and throw it in the trash.  And yet, that’s what you’re doing when you waste time looking for, digging through, searching out, etc.

Picture your day: You get up, get dressed, go to work, come home, pay bills, make dinner, and watch TV.  Basic day.

Now picture this day:  You get up and dig through your closet. You want to wear that shirt, but it has a hole in the arm, so you would have to wear a cardigan to cover it up. You can’t wear those pants, they’re a little sung and that shirt wouldn’t hide that.  Finally, you get dressed, but you don’t really feel like you’re rocking that look today.  You go to work, remember that you have an important meeting, and think “Damn, I wish I felt better about my appearance today.”  You come home from work and sit down at your desk to pay bills.  First, you need to organize these papers. Crap, is that a bank statement from two months ago?  Did I balance the checkbook?  I can’t pay the bills until I balance the checkbook.  Are these all the bills that need to be paid?  You feel like you’re missing one, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.  Your stomach starts growling, and a look at the clock shows it’s 7:30.  You haven’t started dinner yet and you’re starving. You decide to make a salad, but you can’t find the vegetable peeler for the carrots. You use a knife to peel the carrots, which is messy, and then you cut yourself.  After huffing around the kitchen, you eat your damn salad and then just go to bed. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

It probably sounds more dramatic than what actually happens, but if you are not organized, this is what your day could look like.  Everyday.


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