Ode to my blue jeans

Blue jeans, oh blue jeans.

Why’d you have to get so tight?

You were my favorite pair

and now you don’t fit quite right.


Blue jeans, lovely blue jeans.

Maybe I’ll just wait a while.

Surely I’ll drop a few pounds.

Just let me live here in denial.


Blue jeans, lonely blue jeans.

Relegated to the high shelf.

Just sitting there collecting dust,

much like that Christmas elf.


Blue jeans, old blue jeans.

I waited too long a time.

Stored you, moved you, wasted space,

it should have been a crime.


Blue jeans, donated blue jeans.

Much better with you gone.

Feeling lighter, wardrobe smaller.

A good way to end this song.


Seriously, don’t hold onto something because it may fit one day or come back in style one day.  Donate it; there is someone who can wear it and does need it. Today.








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