Getting organized is not an easy thing. It takes time, effort, and focus.  Staying organized is much easier, right?  Not really.  The problem is that some people make a huge effort to get organized but then slowly chip away at that progress until they feel that it’s not worth it.

Here are four ways you may be sabotaging yourself:

  1. Incomplete projects. You tell yourself that you’ll clean out the closet. You pull everything out, sort through it, and decide what you’ll keep, donate, and throw away.  All the things you want to keep go in the closet, the things you want to throw away go in the trash, and then the things you want to donate…sit in a pile on the floor…for months.  This is actually pretty common.  People get a project 90% complete and then it just loses its momentum. There’s a wall that you hit and if you don’t push through it, your project will stay incomplete. Check out this article on organizing your closet by Real Simple here.
  2. It’s all about the little things.  You feel that you almost have an organized home but there just seems to be stuff, little things, everywhere. No, there are not little elves rearranging your stuff when you’re asleep. You’re just not putting everything back where it goes every time.  If you make the time to designate a place for something, you have to commit to putting there after each use.
  3. Putting things where they look good but don’t help you. You are unique and so are your things. When considering how to organize your space, put things you use the most in the spots that you can get to easiest.  Also, determine how you use the item most and put it where it makes sense based on that use of the item.  For example, if you always go through your mail while sitting on the couch watching TV., put your letter opener in the drawer of your side table, not on your desk.
  4. Quantity over quality. Only keep things in quantities that make sense for their use.  Owning four cheap screwdrivers over one really quality screwdriver is not good for you and your organizational system.  If you have a collection, such postcards from places you’ve been, make sure they are displayed with care and that each have that special meaning for you. P.S. In most cases, you will not have a collection of screwdrivers (just in case you’re trying to figure out how to keep them all.)

And that’s a few ways you could be getting in your own way when it comes to organizing!

Getting and staying organized is no easy task, the last thing you want to do in hinder your ability to be successful.  Set up a system for you and not for anyone else. Be deliberate in the placement of items and get rid of the extras that are getting in your way. Be aware and be quick to change things that don’t work of you and your system. Be organized. Be happy.



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