I really wanted to get my life more in order, and was feeling completely overwhelmed, not knowing where to start.  Knowing a physical reorganization would help in many ways, I reached out to Jennifer, and am SO glad I did!  She advised we approach the project in stages, and so we started with my kitchen. Five donation boxes and two black trash bags later, I was thrilled with a much more functional workspace. The result of this work was so helpful, not only in cutting down significantly on what I didn’t need in the space, but helping me start to reframe how I view the “stuff” in my life.  And, I was able to give a lot of that stuff to a friend for a fundraising yard sale she was having for her son’s baseball team!  I still have a long way to go to accomplish the level of purging and organization I want to ultimately achieve, but I am well on my way thanks to Jennifer’s guidance.

-Jennifer Keith 9/25/2019

I attended Jennifer’s Accidental Technologist talk at the 2019 NWA TechFest, and it was terrific.  Jennifer did a great job of engaging the audience and keeping us interested all the way through.  Jennifer’s talk helped me see various ways that non-technical people can be valuable assets in a technology  company.  The whole presentation was done with humor and was easily relatable to the audience.  Great job, Jennifer!  I look forward to attending your next talk.

-Robert Lavey, Software Developer and attendee of 2019 NWA TechFest

Jennifer is an exceptional professional organizer. As a member of the NWA TechFest board, I have personally witnessed and benefited from Jennifer’s commitment to efficient event planning. As the Event Coordinator for NWA Techfest in 2017 and 2018 Jennifer she has kept us on track with our tasks, ensured we are working toward meeting deadlines, facilitated discussions with the right people and taken on the responsibilities that our board didn’t have time to fulfill. Her help in grant writing has been invaluable, and sharing the responsibility of promoting the conference has been a pleasure. I have learned a lot from Jennifer and hope I have the opportunity to work with Organize This AR again.

-Josephine Hardy, Founder InboundMate and 2018 NWA TechFest Board Member 3/24/18

I need to give a shoutout to Jennifer McCool with Organize This AR. Her company just completely revamped our Operations Manual and we couldn’t be happier. For anyone looking to take their business’s organization to the next level, I highly recommend Jennifer and Organize This.

-Jordan Greer, G&G Independent Insurance     1/24/2017 

I am delighted to recommend Jennifer Hancock McCool & Organize This AR through the work she’s done for me at Currant Tech and the event planning work for NWA TechFest. She’s knows some stuff! She can help you #GSD.

Sarah Daigle     1/19/2017

Thank you for hosting this event yesterday! I learned a lot of practical tips we can apply right away. If you missed it, you’ll definitely want to catch the next one!

-Heather Pratt, workshop attendee “Organizing Your Social Media to Maximize Impact”     12/7/2016

We just completed our first day of working with Organize This AR on our company’s operations manual and we are BEYOND impressed! Really excited to see how this project turns out. If you are in the market to really define your business operations, we highly recommend Jennifer and her business.

-Jordan Greer, G&G Independent Insurance     12/05/2016

We moved a few mountains at the museum in the last couple of days, thanks to Organize This AR and Jennifer Hancock McCool. She helped us think through how we use our space, and most importantly, came with all the resources to help us move bulk trash, manage recycling, and carefully store the treasures.

-Clinton House Museum 10/20/2016

Jennifer knows a thing or two about helping people get their act together! She is no nonsense, kind, and strategic. Her background in banking is perfect for helping people take care of the details in organizing their lives. I couldn’t recommend her more for moving coordinating, organizing office processes, developing systems, and helping you make sense of whatever chaos is plaguing you. Bonus: she’s hilarious!

-Angie Malloy Albright      4/24/2016