But I don’t love it, love it

One premise to being organized is to own things you only really, truly love.

Mmmmmm, okay.

There are certain things that you HAVE to own, right?  Plates, utensils … toilet paper.  In my case, it would be pretty much anything in the kitchen.  I don’t like to cook, and I’m not a fan of being in the kitchen at all.  So, how do you own things you don’t really love?   kitchen-cooking-interior-decor

  • Make it yours. I may not like kitchen tools, but I do have to have them.  I love things to be very colorful, so I decided that one way to enjoy using the utensils was to buy ones that are orange, blue, teal, and red.  Now I display them proudly and hope that people think I actually cook. Come to think of it, most of the things in my kitchen are colorful, even my toaster! Depending on what you are working with, a table, chair, or kitchen items like me, you could also paint, stain, reupholster, or cover it in washi tape! Go crazy, get creative, and make it your own.
  • Be honest.  Do you really need it? Cooking utensils, silverware, etc are things everybody has to have (mostly). However, if you own something and can’t remember the last time you used it, like that wingback chair in the spare bedroom, then you probably don’t love or even need it.
  • Hide it.  If you have to own it, and making it original isn’t an option, then hide that stuff.  I have never been a fan of displaying, well, much.  I like clean, clear countertops and try to keep a lot of things hidden.  The problem comes when my husband tells me that he forgets we own things if he doesn’t see them, like apples and the cat. So, we have a bowl on the counter with food in it, and the cat walks freely amongst us.  If you own something that you don’t love, don’t use often, and don’t need to be reminded that you own it, hide it away!
  •  Repurpose it. Some people keep things that they don’t love out of obligation, because it was a gift or hand-me-down or some other thing. If you have to keep the thing, ask yourself if it can be utilized in a different manner – you’re still keeping it, right?  For instance, my family gives me jewelry. I don’t really wear a lot of jewelry but I have all these pieces sitting in a box. Recently, I became friends with a wonderfully creative woman who makes jewelry.  I asked her if I could bring her these pieces of jewelry and have her fashion a new piece from it, and she said yes! By the time we’re done, I will own a completely unique necklace, made from jewelry that individually I was not likely to wear.  Win-win!
  • Embrace it. What else can I say? If you own something that you don’t love and can’t repurpose, hide, or make it reflect you – why do you own it? Secretly, you do love it and just don’t want people to know it, like a boxed DVD collection of Gilmore Girls? If that’s the case, then embrace it and love it. Be loud and proud. But really, Gilmore Girls?…

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