Today is new. A new day, new year, new … you?

It doesn’t need to be.

This could be the year that you accept your faults, celebrate your strengths, and generally just be. Or this could be the year you decide that you want to work on your faults, or your strengths could be stronger.  You could be like this blog, figuring out what you want to be, exploring your options, making some mistakes, and having a laugh.

Whatever we decide to do with this year, most people have the desire to be more organized.  Most people like to know their options. Everyone likes to know that they’re not the only people that make mistakes, and we all could use a laugh from time to time.

Getting organized isn’t that difficult (stop rolling your eyes).  Some people  have no organizational skills at all, some are organized in one area of their lives but that’s it, and some are overly organized. Yes, that is a thing.

The trick isn’t actually getting organized; it’s about deciding. The real trick is deciding what you want, or want to be, what’s really going to work for you, what to do with the things you don’t want, and how to get there. See? Easy (if you keep rolling your eyes, you’re going to get a headache).

Grab a glass of wine and have a laugh.


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